Social Media Video Marketing: Why More Marketers are Using It

Social Media Video Marketing: Why More Marketers are Using It

Social media marketing video has emerged as one of the fastest growing means of providing engaging content to consumers. Because today’s online marketing is not just about creating informative and entertaining blogs posts, it’s also about producing amazing images and videos that people will love and share. Learn why more and more marketers are using social media video marketing and taking advantage of this trend.

Of the wide range of formats at the disposal of marketers such as tweets, posts and eBooks, videos #videos have rocketed to near the top of pack. The numbers are coming in thick and fast that demonstrate the ubiquity of video in online marketing.

The 2013 Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report by ReelSEO, Flimp Media and The Web Video Marketing Council surveyed 600 marketing professionals. The findings revealed that 93% of respondents now use video as part of their marketing #marketing mix, and 82% stated that it has a positive impact on their business.1D37video for email marketing video for website marketing has positive impact on business

Among the other standout out statistics were:

  • 60% use video for email marketing
  • 84% use video for website marketing
  • 70% will increase their spend on video

These figures are supported by a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs. It reported that in 2013 there was a three percent increase in the use of video by B2C firms over the previous year.

Video for Visibility and Credibility
When it comes to interacting with social media audiences it appears that visuals are key #key to driving engagement. So why are more marketers using social media video marketing?

Video for Visibility and Credibility companies investing in video marketingIncreased confidence in video – according to the CMI survey findings 63% of respondents see videos and webinars as effective ways to get their messages out there. The percentage figure is higher than it was for 2012 suggesting that more companies are now investing in video marketing #VideoMarketing.

Creating and publishing video content is quick, easy and cheap – many business owners find writing articles and blog posts a chore. They are not natural born writers and struggle to put their knowledge into words. Video is much simpler.

If you can talk to people on Skype, you can create videos for your social media marketing. You don’t need expensive equipment or a Hollywood production crew to produce and publish great videos. A webcam or a phone will suffice. You can easily record a short video on your phone and upload it to YouTube in a matter of minutes. The only cost to you is your time.

There is a huge audience for video – these days you don’t need to get on television to become a big name in your field. Video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo attract millions of viewers every single day. In short, video is everywhere.

huge audience for video power of video for marketingMore people are talking about video – in blogs, magazine conferences, radio shows and marketing conferences, more businesses are talking about the power of video for marketing.

Video is more personal – when you put yourself in front of a camera, your followers get a feel for what you are like, allowing you to build a stronger connection with them. Just ask Jeff Matt who runs Victory Auto Service and Glass an auto repair company in Minneapolis.

With the business expanding to multiple locations he was concerned that the personal touch with customers might be lost. And he also wanted to attract more female customers.

Victory Auto Service social media accounts Facebook Twitter Youtube videosSo he set up social media accounts with Facebook and Twitter and started a YouTube channel. He posts behind the scenes #behindthescenes tours, customer testimonials and how-to videos with one of the most popular being “How to Top Off Your Windshield Washer Fluid”. The result of all this activity is that more than 60% of his Facebook fans are women and so are 50% to 60% of his clients.

Video builds credibility – using video to teach others what you know or to spread your ideas garners instant credibility. People can quickly see that you really do know what you’re talking about.

Videos can be optimized for search engines – videos that have been optimized for keywords are more likely to be picked up by the major search engines than those that haven’t. Studies have shown that 62% of Google universal search results feature video. Google universal search blends listings from news, video, images and local and book search engines.

video marketing has meaningful impact on social media marketing strategies of business video builds credibilityMeaningful Impact
With the implementation of video posts for Instagram, the rapid uptake of the Vine platform and better technology, video continues to make massive strides into the social media marketing strategies of businesses large and small.

Video’s growth shows no signs of abating and marketers can no longer afford to ignore it if they want to make a large and meaningful impact with their followers. So why not try adding social media marketing video to your strategy and see your followers become more engaged.

That is why here at MavSocial video sharing is a big part of our social media management platform. Sign up for a free trial today!

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