Facebook Post Boosting 101 for the Best Results

Facebook Boosting 101: How to Get the Best Results

Get better results from Facebook

You are proud of your Facebook page. You share valuable content, engage with your followers, and have successfully built an interested, loyal audience. Now you want to grow and reach even more people.

That’s when you started thinking about boosting a Facebook post to get your valuable content in front of a larger audience. 

But, you aren’t sure about your timing. When should you boost the post? Who should you boost it to? Will it negatively impact your organic reach? How do you make sure that it’s a good investment and not a waste of your hard-earned money?

The “how” might be easy, but the harder questions questions are when, why, and if you should boost a post on Facebook. In this blog, we’ll explore why, how, and when to boost a post on Facebook so you can get the best possible results.

Is boosting a post a good idea?

Business owners and marketers boost Facebook posts for the following reasons:

  • To boost engagement
  • To drive traffic to a particular article or landing page
  • To increase brand recognition and reach

Kim Garst from Social Media Boom follows this great golden rule: “Never boost a post without a definite goal.”

Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without looking at the price tag, you shouldn’t randomly boost Facebook posts if the goal is to make a big impact and stay within your budget.

So, ask yourself some big questions.

  • Does this Facebook post align with your marketing goals?
  • Does it fit in with your strategy?
  • Will it help your business?

If the answer is a resounding yes, then the next step is to take a look at the engagement figures of the post you want to boost. You’ve introduced your post to an audience that already likes your stuff. You want to get it in front of even more people with similar sensibilities. Use your existing followers as a focus group: If they like, share, and engage with the post, then the chances of others “liking” it too are pretty good.

There’s no point boosting a post that isn’t performing. The whole reason for doing this is to help you reach a specific goal in the first place. So make sure you have a clear measurable goal before you go anywhere near that blue button.

How to boost a post on Facebook

Creating and boosting a Facebook post is easy with MavSocial. Go to Post Manager in the MavSocial app to create a post that you would like to boost or to repost content from a campaign. 

How to Boost a Facebook Post in MavSocial

Next, it’s time to select your audience. You can target:

• People who like your page

• People who like your page and their friends

• People you choose through targeting

How to Boost a Facebook Post with MavSocial

After you’ve defined your audience, it’s time to set your budget. The minimum budget is a dollar a day, and the maximum amount of time you can boost a post is 14 days. The amount of time to boost the post depends on the nature of the post. For example, evergreen content has a longer shelf life than newsworthy content.

Finally, click the Boost button at the lower, right-hand corner, and you’re done!

When is the right time to boost a post on Facebook?

There’s no such thing as “perfect timing”, but there are few things you can do to maximize your ROI.

First, give your post some time to get organic reach before you boost it. While there’s no ideal number, wait at least few hours before you hit that button. Jay Baer from Convince and Convert recommends at least six hours.

Then, set the goal for the post and make sure the copy, imagery, and CTA are all working together to encourage viewers to take a specific action.

Finally, you need to decide if boosting makes sense for your goals when compared to other ad options.

You are going to find a lot of articles on the matter—some that extol boosting a post and others that slate it as the worst thing you could possibly do. The answer, of course, lies somewhere in the middle.

Boosting a Post vs. Running a Facebook Ad

Boosting a post doesn’t give you the same freedom as creating an ad. While you can create a targeted audience, it limits the amount of specifics you can select. It’s a great option for creating engagement but not always the best way to convert traffic to your email list.

If your goal is to convert traffic to your website or to drive conversion rates, then it may be better to run a Facebook ad. You can now create, organize, manage and publish your Facebook ads right in MavSocial.

Facebook Ad Reports in MavSocial

Know your goals and boost accordingly.

Managing your boosted posts with MavSocial

Regardless of whether you decide to simply boost a specific post or run a Facebook ad, MavSocial’s dashboard makes it easy to track and target your posts and create and publish ads.

The best part? You can boost a post or run a Facebook ad without ever leaving your dashboard! This means you can identify posts with great organic results and then boost them all inside the app.

Additionally, if you choose to use other forms of Facebook advertising, you can use MavSocial to manage both your paid and organic campaigns and gain access to advanced social analytics.

Maximize ROI from your Facebook posts

You can create ads to meet specific business goals like increasing sales by x% or growing your email list. Boosting a post on Facebook relies on the same principles; it needs to support a goal that will help your business. After all, there’s no point spending money, unless it will lead to more and better growth opportunities.

Before you boost always pick your goal and select a post that aligns with it and that is popular with your audience.

Curious to see how it all works and how to make MavSocial work for you? Request a FREE demo today!

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