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How to Make the Most Out of Your Twitter Conversations

Keeping track of social media conversations is a must; it’s how you grow your audience, build authority, and show you actually care.

But, it’s easy for vital conversations and crucial comments to get lost in the noise. This is especially true for platforms like Twitter where your feed is moving at something closely approximating the speed of light.

How do you keep up?

The secret way to manage your conversations

MavSocial can help you stay on top of conversations by bringing them all under the same “roof”, so to speak. Rather than wasting time logging into multiple accounts and tracking down individual notifications, you can see all your current conversations right in your social inbox.

Social Inbox, Twitter

Here you can track interactions from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube all in one place. Pretty neat, right?

And, we just added something to make keeping up with your Twitter account even easier. You can now read and reply to direct messages on Twitter from inside your social inbox.

You can see all your direct messages in your social inbox Twitter feed or you can split them into comments and direct messages. To open down the drop down menu just click on the three dots on the right hand side.

Twitter DMs

Twitter DMs are great way to engage on a more personal level. It takes the conversation out of the public eye and into a space you can use to have a deeper discussion. These conversations can lead to incredibly important things for your business.

If you’ve moved in social media circles for awhile, you probably have more than one Twitter friend; someone whom you have developed a deeper connection with and maybe even collaborated with through Twitter.

But I can do that in the Twitter app. How does this actually help me?

Instead of having to open a separate browser tab or a different app, you can now manage everything in the same place. But, that isn’t the real plus. App jumping is a bit annoying but not the worst time-sink in the world.

How many times have you seen a notification and put off dealing with it because you didn’t have the time or couldn’t answer the question right then and there? With so much on your plate, it’s easy to forget to do something, but that something could be a missed opportunity.

Unlike notifications, messages will stay in your dashboard until you’ve cleared them. Basically, they’ll be there as a reminder every time you log into your MavSocial account.

And, there’s one other thing…

Have you ever received a really awesome link or had a really interesting conversation that you can’t, for the life of you, dig out again? That can be a thing of the past.


You can add tags to different direct messages, making important resources easily searchable for later. You can even split messages based on tags.

But do I really need a social media dashboard?

I know there’s still some doubt in certain corners of the Internet about whether you really need to use a social media dashboard to manage all your accounts. However, allow me to quickly make the case for using a social media management and marketing tool.

Free time to form real relationships

Social media automation doesn’t always get the best rep. Yes, you’ve probably gotten some terrible automated Twitter DMs. Yes, too much automation can make it look like your account is run by a talentless robot.

But, combining a degree of automation with genuine interaction actually gives you more time to focus on cultivating relationships. Nobody has time to log in at the same times every day and share a great article. This is particularly true for those of us that binge read at certain times of the day.

Sometimes you just hit a really great reading streak. But, sharing all five articles on content marketing you read this morning isn’t really helpful for anyone. You risk flooding some of your followers with content while at the same time burying the content from people not around at that time.

Pacing your curated content and mixing it up with posts from your own blog as well as original posts makes your account more engaging, valuable, and consistent. Then, when you log in you can focus on having genuine conversations instead of anxiously looking for things to retweet or something to share in your new Facebook post.

As with everything else it’s all about creating a balance. But, I really feel that using a social media management platform can make that balance much easier to strike and improve the quality of interactions you have on social media.

With MavSocial, making the most out of your Twitter conversations has never been easier.

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